Lake Tekapo sleeps in the heart of the Mackenzie Country, in New Zealand’s central South Island. Christchurch International airport is only a 3 hour drive away and New Zealand’s most popular tourist route, State Highway 8, passes through Lake Tekapo providing exquisite views of New Zealand as it should be viewed – ‘naturally’.

In Summer, you will find yourself lost in the lupin field near the Church of the Good Shepsherd in front of lake Tekapo; in Winter, the Church of the Good Shepsherd will be covered in stunning white snow. Close to the Church of the Good Shepsherd is the bronze Sheepdog statue.

When the night falls, the spectacular stars in the sky start to wink at you. If you would like to learn more of the South night skies, you could take a tour to the Summit Experience (used to be known as Mt John Observatory) and experience it all.