Rotorua has long been an iconic tourism destination for both New Zealand travellers and international visitors. It is known for its beautiful lakes, spectacular geothermal attractions, stunning scenery, and its warm and friendly people. Rotorua is renowned for its welcoming hospitality – often referred to as the traditional spirit of ‘manaakitanga.’ Located in the central North Island Rotorua is well connected to the rest of New Zealand and the world through a network of air, road and rail links.

The city is less than 3 hours drive from Auckland (234 km), New Zealand’s largest population centre with 1.25 million people, and 457 km from the country’s capital, Wellington. The Maori people of Te Arawa were the original occupants of the Rotorua District, settling around the coast, the lakes, forests and geothermal areas. The local environment encompasses 14 lakes, active geothermal areas, and considerable public open space. Rotorua has an increasingly broad industry base that includes tourism, agriculture, forestry, retail, manufacturing, business services, social services and education.